2019 Flood Information


Cass County Flood Hotline


Emergencies please contact local emergency services by dialing 911

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PDF Flood Map Road Closure

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Cass County Departments are currently preparing for major flood conditions along the Red, Sheyenne, Wild Rice, Rush and Maple Rivers in Cass County. Residents and property owners are advised to take all necessary precautions to prevent loss of property and serious injury due to rising flood waters. In the coming days this page will continuously updated with information about current conditions and County operational status. 

We thank everyone for their volunteer sandbag production efforts. Currently we have adequate filled sandbags to meet our goal. We will announce through press releases if conditions change where we will need additional community involvement.


Flood Risk Reduction ApplicationClick here to find the interactive flood risk tool


Residents west of the Sheyenne River may find elevation and flood stage information on the International Water Institute website: https://gisapps.iwinst.org/map-portal/

Please contact Cass County Engineering with questions about your property.


sandbaglevyconst Instructions on how to construct a sandbag levy



For information on how to prepare your home and family for a flood please visit the NDSU Extension's Flood Information website.

Current River Observations:


Additional National Weather Service Products:

Red River at Fargo

Red River Near Hickson

Red River at Enloe

Red River at Wahpeton

Wild Rice River at Abercrombie

Sheyenne at Kindred

Sheyenne at Harwood


Cass County Government's Sandbag Policy:

Sandbag Costs and Sand Distribution:

  • Bags are $.10/bag. This price includes sand and sand delivery.
  • Bags are still $.10/bag even if resident does not want sand.
  • Bags sold in bundles of 1,000 only. Bundles will not be broken up for smaller quantities.
  • 10 cubic yards of sand/bundle of bags will be delivered (this will fill 1,000 bags)
  • If residents have bags from previous years they may order sand at no charge.
  • A new form is required for each order even if resident has previously ordered sand/bags.

Below you can view and print high quality elevation and contour maps for most high risk flood areas.


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