Cass County Youth Commission Logo 

What is the Cass County Youth Commission?

The Cass County Youth Commission program is a county-wide educational and leadership program for high school-aged youth.  The program was developed by county government leaders to teach youth about local government, develop leadership skills and encourage youth to serve their schools and be engaged in their communities.  The program was developed to encourage youth to be civically engaged and provide an opportunity for young people to have a voice in shaping the future of the communities where they love and the county.  Our mission statement is "The purpose of the Cass County Youth Commission is to empower potential young leaders in county government and enable them to take an active role in their community."


What can members of the Cass County Youth Commission expect to learn?

Members will meet once a month from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  These days are filled with presentations by various departments within Cass County Government, a leadership      activity, and a business meeting.  The youth form a Commission, elect officers, form       various committees, select a charity, set a fundraising goal and spend the year planning various activities to raise money towards that goal.    


What kind of events have been put on by past Youth Commissions?

Past events include various themed dances, rodeo dance, charity concert, battle of the bands, and a basketball tournament.  Other activities often include raffle ticket sales,    sponsorship and door prize solicitation, selling parking spots in the Law Enforcement   Center parking lot for NDSU Bison home football games, and Salvation Army bell           ringing.


What kind of time commitment is expected from members of the Cass County Youth Commission?

Attendance at the monthly meetings in mandatory unless you have an academic or      family commitment that cannot be changed.  In addition to the monthly meetings,       members are expected to participate in planned events, fundraising activities, etc. as much as possible, again, unless academic or family commitments prevent your attendance.  There may be additional committee meetings necessary to plan and organize      events as well.


Membership Eligibility:

Any student who will be a Sophomore, Junior or Senior in the upcoming school year      currently attending a Cass County public or private school may apply.  The student     must have at least a 2.0 GPA, be committed to completing the program and have       completed and turned in an official application form prior to the deadline.  Each             respective school may choose to impose minimum requirements for students to participate.  There is no cost to participate.


Membership Selection:

Participating school administration will select student participants. All public and private high schools in Cass County are invited to participate.  Students who are selected will   complete and sign a Code of Conduct, Media Release, and Health form.  Forms require signatures from the student and their parent or guardian.