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Noxious Weed Identification

The following links can b e helpful to identify and control North Dakota noxious weeds and some troublesome and invasive weeds found in our area.  Contact the Weed Officer if you have trouble identifying a suspected weedy plant or want additional information to control a weed.

 North Dakota Weed Control Guide

A Guide to North Dakota Noxious and Troublesome Weeds


Here are links to the specific weeds that are on the Cass County's Noxious Weed list:

 Absinth Wormwood  Absinth Wormwood      Palmer amaranth
   Canada Thistle    Purple Loosestrife Purple Loosestrife
 Dalmatian Toadflax  Dalmatian Toadflax    Russian Knapweed
 Russian Knapweed
 Diffuse Knapweed  Diffuse Knapweed    Saltcedar
   Houndstongue    Spotted Knapweed   Spotted Knapweed
 Leafy Spurge  Leafy Spurge     Yellow Toadflax   Yellow Toadflax           
 Musk Thistle  Musk Thistle