Objective:  To control noxious weeds in the state, county and township road ditches; to keep the weeds from propagating and spreading onto adjacent lands.  Inspect and monitor noxious weed infestations and encourage all landowners in the county to control noxious weeds on their lands.

Mission: Provide leadership and education in the long term control of noxious weed management through cultural, biological and chemical control strategies.


  • Weed identification
  • Assist in planning a noxious weed control strategy to landowners.
  • Provide biological control agents for Leafy spurge and other noxious weeds 
  • Provide partial reimbursement of herbicide and application costs to non-crop and non-CRP lands
  • Weed Seed Free Forage inspections and certification
  • Weed infestation reporting

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History: In 1981 the Cass County Weed Control District was established to control the spread of noxious weeds in Cass County The District operates under a five member County Weed Board appointed by the County Commission . The Weed Control Officer is responsible for the daily activities of the District.  The Weed Board meets monthly on the second Monday of the month at the Weed Control Office at  1201 Main Ave W, West Fargo.

The description of the weeds and control measures in this website are adapted from various sources including Identification and Control of Invasive and Troublesome Weeds in North Dakota, Weeds of the West, North Dakota Weed Control Guide. For more detailed information, contact NDSU Extension or Stan Wolf, Weed Control Officer.

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