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About the VA and other benefits

  • Veteran Burial

    • Does the VA pay for cremation or burial expenses?

    • Is my spouse, who is not a Veteran, entitled to a Government marker in a private cemetery?

    • Is there burial assistance for indigent Veterans?

    • What are my burial benefits?

    • What can I do now to prepare for burial in a national cemetery?

    • When is the National Cemetery in Fargo going to open?

    • Who's eligible for burial at the State Veterans Cemetery?

  • Veteran Compensation & Pension

    • Can I bring new treatment information or other evidence with me to the VA claim exam that I did not submit as part of my claim?

    • I missed my scheduled VA claim exam, what should I do?

    • The date and/or time of my C&P exam doesn’t work for me. Can I reschedule my exam?

    • The VA examiner didn’t even touch me during my claim exam. Is that normal?

    • What is a VA claim exam, also known as a Compensation and Pension (C&P) examination?

  • Veteran Health Care

    • Am I eligible for dental care?

    • Am I eligible for emergency care at a non-VA facility?

    • Are there any payment limitations for non-VA emergency care?

    • Assuming I qualify for nursing home care, how is it determined whether the care will be provided in a VA facility or a private nursing home at VA expense?

    • Can you help me apply for residency at the Veterans Home in Fergus Falls?

    • I am a recently discharged combat Veteran. Must I pay VA copayments?

    • If enrolled in VA Health Care, must I use VA as my exclusive health care provider?

    • If I am enrolled in VA Health care, do I meet the requirements for health care coverage?

    • I'm not qualified for the VA dental program, is there assistance for dental work?

    • What if I receive a bill and cannot pay?

  • Veteran State Benefits

    • Can you tell me about the ND Veterans Home?

    • I have PTSD but the VA won't give me a service dog, is there help available?

    • I own a home in North Dakota, is there any tax relief available?

    • I'm not qualified for the VA dental program, is there assistance for dental work?