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Foster Care Licensing

The Basics:                                                                                                                            

  • Foster parents can be single or married.
  • Foster parents can own or rent their home.
  • Foster parents are reimbursed a maintenance payment for foster children.  Reimbursement covers the basic care for children in care and cannot be used as an income source for foster parents.
  • Foster parents can select the age range, gender, and special needs of the children for which  they provide care.
  • Foster children do not need to have their own bedroom.  They do need their own bed and sufficient space for their personal items.
  • Foster children of an appropriate age and maturity level can be in a basement bedroom; there must be an egress window in their bedroom along with other safety requirements. The lower level of a bi-level home is not considered a basement.

The Licensing Process:

  • Fingerprint background check forms for each adult in the home. Refer to the directions on the background check forms provided by Cass County Family Services.
  • Application to Provide Foster Care, including the section on references. 
  • Medical self-declaration forms on all persons living in the home.
  • The Licensing Specialist will contact you to set up an orientation visit.
  • The Licensing Specialist will send a questionnaire to your references after the orientation visit.
  • Watch Initial Fire Safety video online at the Red River Foster & Adopt Coalition website.  Completion of a fire escape plan for your home, fire extinguishers for each level of home, smoke alarms, and furnace inspection is required.    
  • There will be a minimum of two or three home visits to your home to complete a Foster Care Home Study.  
  • You will need to give the Licensing Specialist a copy of the following before being licensed:
    • Proof of Auto Insurance.
    • Proof of Pet Immunizations.
  • Complete the PRIDE Training Course as soon as possible, preferably before you are licensed.  The PRIDE Training Course is a 24 hour course conducted over three Saturdays.  This course is offered three times per year.  You can register for the next course by calling Tracey Curley at 239-6804.

How long does the licensing process take?

Foster Care Licensing can take several months.  At times, there is a waiting list to become licensed for foster care, depending on the current community need and demand for certain age groups.  Applications will be reviewed and placed in order by date received and age group desired.  As the individual's name nears the top of the list, they will be contacted to complete background checks and a brief medical health form.  


  • For an application or additional information, please visit the Red River Foster & Adopt Coalition website.
  • For questions, please call (701) 241-5765 and ask to speak with a Foster Care Licensing Specialist.