Foster Care Licensing

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The Basics:                                                                                                                            


  • Foster parents can be single or married.
  • Foster parents can own or rent their home.
  • Foster parents can be working outside the home.
  • Foster parents need to be at least 21 years of age and comply with criminal history and child protection background checks.
  • Although foster parents should be financially stable, they are reimbursed a maintenance payment for providing care for foster children.
  • Foster parents can select the age range, gender, and special needs of the children for which  they provide care.
  • Foster parents can be licensed to provide care for a specific child known to the family.
  • Foster children do not need to have their own bedroom.  They do need their own bed and sufficient space for their personal items.
  • Only foster children 12 and over can be in a basement bedroom and there must be an egress window in their bedroom.  The lower level of a bi-level home is not considered a basement if the floor is equal or less than 30 inches below ground level.
  • Foster parents receive specialized training, financial compensation and 24 hour support.
  • Children will have their own health insurance and child care expenses are paid while foster parents are working.  

The Licensing Process:

  • Fingerprint background check forms for each adult in the home.  Contact Southeast Human Service Center to have fingerprints scanned.
  • Complete an application to provide foster care, including the section on references.  Please see the Red River Foster & Adopt Coalition website for application materials.
  • Medical self-declaration forms on all persons living in the home.
  • The Licensing Specialist will contact you to set up an orientation visit.
  • The Licensing Specialist will send a questionnaire to your references after the orientation visit.
  • Watch an initial Fire Safety video online at the Red River Foster & Adopt Coalition website. 
  • There will be a minimum of two or three home visits to your home to complete a Foster Care Home Study.  There will be one visit with each adult applicant and one visit with all family members.
  • You will need to give the Licensing Specialist a copy of the following before being licensed:
    • Proof of Auto Insurance.
    • Proof of Pet Immunizations.
  • Complete the PRIDE Training Course as soon as possible, preferably before you are licensed.  This training is a 24 hour course conducted over three Saturdays and is offered three times per year.  Please contact a Licensing Specialist to register.


  • For an application or additional information, please visit the Red River Foster & Adopt Coalition website.
  • For questions, please call (701) 241-5765 and ask to speak with a Foster Care Licensing Specialist.