Cass County Comprehensive and Transportation Plan



Cass County is pleased to release the Cass County Comprehensive and Transportation Plan after months of work, meetings and discussion. The new Plan is built around three guiding principles: livability, resilience, and regional collaboration.  The Cass County Comprehensive and Transportation Plan update focuses the role of county government functions on improving “quality of life” for county residents through the delivery of a broad range of services. The Plan supports a framework for future development of the County based on four major themes: transportation, community development, intergovernmental coordination, and growth management. 

The last Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2005. It focused on water resource and rural development issues, and related topics such as infrastructure and transportation.  (Click here to view the 2005 Comprehensive Plan and current proposes modifications). Cass County has experienced significant growth and change in the last 12 years. 

Click Here to Read the Cass County Comprehensive and Transportation Plan. 


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