Cass County Comprehensive and Transportation Plan

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Cass County is in the process of developing a Comprehensive and Transportation Plan to foster a more vibrant and resilient county.   A Comprehensive Plan is an official document adopted by the Cass County Board of Commissioners as a policy guide, vision, and roadmap to the future. (Click here for more information on comprehensive plans.)

The new Comprehensive and Transportation Plan will provide guidance for public policy and decision-making on a wide range of topics including: land use and development, transportation, floodplain management, economic development, emergency management, energy, intergovernmental cooperation, and capital improvements. 

The last Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2005. It focused on water resource and rural development issues, and related topics such as infrastructure and transportation.  (Click here to view the 2005 Comprehensive Plan.) The County has experienced significant growth and change in the last 12 years.  The planning process for developing the new Comprehensive Plan will identify key issues which need to be addressed, and develop strategies to meet the issues and opportunities of the next twenty-five years.

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