Mission Statement

To enhance the overall quality of life in Cass County through proactive growth management.

What We Do

The Planning Office regulates the development of land outside the corporate limits or any area of extraterritorial jurisdiction of a city. The County Planner serves as the administrative officer of the Planning Commission.

The Planning Office responds to inquiries about the use and development of land from residents, developers, realtors, and others based on the Cass County Comprehensive Plan, Cass County Subdivision Ordinance, Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance, Cass County Highway Access Ordinance, and Township Zoning Ordinances.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Subdivision (Plat) administration for the jurisdictional areas in the County
  • Floodplain administration for cities and townships not participating in the National 
    Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
  • GIS and technical assistance to Highway Department
  • Rural 911 addressing
  • Planning, floodplain, and zoning assistance to local governments
  • Participation in metro wide planning


If you are inquiring about parcels, zoning or building in a incorporated city please visit the following sites: