The County Highway, Planning and Vector Control offices are all located at the Cass County Highway Department Complex in West Fargo.  The County Engineer is appointed by the County Board of Commissioners to serve as the department head for all of these operations.

The Cass County Highway Department is responsible for the efficient planning, design, construction and maintenance of highways and bridges on the County highway system. The Cass County highway system consists of 628 miles of roadway covering more than 1,700 square miles and 541 bridges of which 241 span a distance of 20 feet in length or greater.



To be recognized as a premier county highway program in the Northern Plain States.


To provide and maintain an efficient, safe, environmentally sensitive and cost effective county transportation system to effectively meet citizen's needs for personal mobility and movement of goods consistent with the importance of transportation.


The County Highway Department annually schedules next year’s construction projects during the budget process.  In an effort to increase efficiency and maintain a high level of transparency, a Cass County Comprehensive Highway Plan has been developed.

This Plan acts as a document that more efficiently displays our data and serves as a 5 year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and is revisited annually.  Included in the plan is a discussion of land use, highway safety, maintenance and construction.