Online Tax Payments

To make an on-line tax payment, click on the Research or Pay Property Taxes button below. You will need to have your property address, statement number or parcel number in order to look up property tax information for a property.



Online payments may be made by:

Electronic Check – A convenience fee of $1.50 applies to all e-checks. You must know the routing number and account number to make a payment.


Credit Cards – All major credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/Discover/American Express) are accepted. A convenience fee of 2.65% of the transaction amount with a minimum fee of $3.00 applies to all credit card payments.


Things to Remember

  • In order to make a payment online you must click on the shopping cart icon, under the words Add to Cart.
  • You can make payments on multiple properties by returning to the Property Search screen and look up another property’s information. Click on the Add to Cart button to pay the property taxes. Click on the Cart button when all parcels being paid are in the shopping cart. In the cart you can either adjust payment amounts and click on the word Update or click on the Checkout  button to begin the checkout process.
  • Partial payments may be made through this system. The full amount of the yearly taxes owing must be added to the cart first and then the amount can be adjusted in the shopping cart itself.
  • Do NOT use the back button while navigating through pages within the on-line tax payment pages or in the shopping cart. This can and will place any payment being made into a “pending” status, which will not allow you to complete the payment without having the shopping cart reset by someone from the Treasurer’s office.
  • If you do not receive a payment confirmation, assume that your payment was NOT successful.


If you experience difficulties with the on-line credit card payment site, please review the Frequently Asked Questions or call 877-590-5097.