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2020 Primary Election FAQ

This page will be updated regularly as we learn more about the 2020 Primary Election. If you need immediate assistance, please contact the Cass County Finance Office at (701) 241-5600 or 

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • How is the Primary Election going to be run?

  • Why is the Primary Election going to be run by mail balloting?

  • How is that different from absentee voting?

  • Why was the decision to go mail balloting made in April?

  • Can I go to the Early Voting site prior to the election?

  • Can I go to my regular precinct on Election Day?

  • How will I get my Ballot?

  • Do I have to vote my ballot right away?

  • What if I do not get an application from the Secretary of State?

  • So, what if I am filling out my ballot and I make a mistake?

  • Anything else I have to do with my ballot after voting?

  • What happens to my ballot when I mail it to the county auditor?

  • My son/daughter is my Power of Attorney. Can they apply for a ballot for me?

  • How secure is my vote?

  • Will anyone know how I voted?

  • When will my ballot be counted?

  • When and how will election results be released?