Paying Bail

Bail Options

These options are available for Bail purposes only.  Fine payments must be paid directly to the court.


Bail can be posted with cash 24 hours per day, for any person who is physically incarcerated. In some cases, there is no bail amount set until the defendant has made their initial appearance in court.

If a defendant has already appeared in court, you will need to present cash directly to the court during normal business hours. After regular business hours, and on weekends and holidays, cash bail can be paid in person at the jail.

If a defendant has not yet appeared in court, but has a bail amount set already, then cash can be posted in person at the jail 24 hours per day.

There are no fees for paying bail with cash, and all money collected is forwarded to the court.  Upon conviction, courts may apply posted money towards fines and fees for the defendant.  The jail cannot advise you as to what will happen to bail money that is posted, you will need to contact the clerk of court.

There is an ATM in the jail lobby, with limits of $200 per transaction.  This ATM also charges a transaction fee which is posted on the machine. You may find a cheaper option using any of the local bank ATM’s prior to coming to the jail.

Bail Bonds

Some offenses are eligible for using a Bail Bonding agency to post bail. This is typically determined at the initial court appearance, but some misdemeanor offenses are eligible even before the initial appearance.  Jail staff can advise you if an offense is bail bond eligible by calling 701-271-2900.

Bail Bond companies are privately owned, and you will need to contact them directly to inquire about services and associated costs.  We do not advertise for, nor recommend, any particular company. The courts determine which companies they are willing to accept bonds from, and the local companies can advise you when you contact them. 

Credit Cards

Bail can also be paid with a credit card.  This option is only available for persons who are physically incarcerated at the Cass County Jail. Credit cards can be presented at the Cass County Jail, along with a photo ID matching the name on the credit card. Credit Cards can also be used to pay bail online, using our designated payment processor, GovPay

There is an 8% fee charged for all credit card bail transactions.  This fee is collected and retained by GovPay.   Please review the GovPay website FAQ for questions related to credit card transactions.

If paying online, you will need the inmate’s booking number, which can be found using our online inmate roster.


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