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For Students

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the field of medicolegal death investigation. Due to a high volume of individuals interested in the Cass County Coroner's Office, we have linked some information below where you may find answers to your questions—at least enough to get you started thinking about forensics. Good luck in your future pursuits!



         Other ways to get hands-on experience:

1.  Civilian jobs in law enforcement - if you do not want to join a law enforcement agency and go through a police academy,  inquire with a police department about what types of civilian employment opportunities they may have.  Inquire about doing a ride along.

2.  EMS/Fire Department - get your basic EMT license and work or volunteer with your local fire departments or ambulance services.  You will learn to work with families under stressful conditions and learn scene protocol for unattended deaths.

3. Check with funeral homes, medical school anatomy labs or organ/tissue donor programs.  These agencies may have volunteer or paid positions.

4. Get educated -  Take criminal justice, biology, medical terminology or anatomy classes.  Get a certified nursing assistant license. Do as much as you can to fill your "tool box" with resources that apply to medicolegal death investigation.

5. Volunteer!  Find organizations that offer support for friends and families who have lost loved ones.  Examples are the American Cancer Society, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Nar-Anon, hospice, homeless shelters, etc.