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Any property owner who feels the valuation of their property is an inaccurate representation of the current market may ask to appeal their valuation.

 The first step to appeal your value is to contact our office at 701-241-5616. Our office will work with any property owner to help handle the concerns informally, but it is your right to appeal the valuation throughout the formal appeal process.

 Property owners may appeal their proposed valuations through the various boards of equalization. The meetings generally take place as follows:

City Board of Equalization - Within the first 15 days of April

County Board of Equalization - Within the first ten days of June

State Board of Equalization*  - Second Tuesday of August

*In order to appear before the State board of Equalization a property owner must have first appeared at both the city and county board of equalization

Property owners can also formally appeal their valuation through the abatement process. This is typically done if you have missed the boards of equalization. By statute, an abatement can be filed no later than November 1st of the year following the year the property tax becomes delinquent. (e.g. A property owner wishing to appeal their 2015 value has until November 1st of 2017 to file an abatement.)