Flood Maps

Cass County has obtained data over the years that can assist homeowners in planning for flooding on their property. Elevation contours have been created for the County in two foot intervals, and for the metro area in one foot intervals. Elevation contours are acquired using light detection and ranging (LIDAR) methods and available upon request in the NAVD 1988 datum.

This information is delivered to the public in a number of formats. The County has created an interactive website that allows residents to view parcel and building critical elevation information based on flood models provided by a third party. This site allows the user to anticipate at what flood stage property may be threatened and also allows them to calculate their approximate sandbag needs through easy to use measuring tools. The International Water Institute has created a series of "LIDAR Viewers" that are available on their website to view elevation information in two foot intervals for the entire Red River Basin. The City of Fargo also has an interactive web mapping application. The links below will redirect you to these sites.

Another method for viewing your property elevation is through static maps created by Cass County. These maps are in .pdf format and are best printed in 11" x 17" portrait. Imagery may or may not have been acquired at the same time as the LIDAR, and typically is from 2016, whereas LIDAR may have been acquired in 2014 or earlier. Cass County and its employees and/or agents do not provide any warranty or guarantee to the accuracy of the data provided in these maps. If an error is found it is requested that the County Engineer be advised. For more information on these maps please contact the Cass County Highway Department.