PHONE CALLS                       

The Cass County Jail has changed their inmate phone service provider to SECURUS.

The general public can leave a brief voice message with your name and telephone number so an inmate can return your phone call at: 1-800-844-6591    ( Please remember, Messages are not confidential )

A direct incoming call to the inmate is not possble with our phone system.  The inmate must make either a collect call or use a specific calling card which is available only through the jail commissary.


The collect call charges will appear on the home telephone bill of the party who the inmate is calling. If your phone has restricted access on it, the inmate will not be able to call you. If you have a collect call restriction, you will need to contact Correctional Billing Service at the number listed below:


Customers can call SECURUS Correctional Billing Service at 1-800-844-6591

               Calling Charges are as follow:

      • $2.95 for a 15 minute collect local call
      • $3.00 connect fee plus 37cents per minute for collect intra state calls, no limit
      • $3.00 connect fee plus 40cents per minute for collect out of state calls, no limit
      •  Pre-paid phone cards are available at 50cents per minute


Portable and cellular phones will cause calls to disconnect. Inmates will need to purchase a calling card at the jail to call portable and cellular phones.  The cost of calling cards are:

$10.00   $20.00   $50.00                                        

The called party needs to have a touch tone phone to accept calls.


All inmates' phone conversations are not confidential and are subject to monitoring and/or recording!




All mail must go through the U.S. Postal Service. Mail will be delivered Monday through Friday excluding holidays.


All mail, except privileged mail, is subject to inspection prior to being sent or received. Mail is read, and/or rejected when based on violation of law, court order, legitimate institutional interests or order and security. Privileged mail will be inspected for contraband but not content in inmate's presence.


Privileged mail is that which is sent or received from: licensed attorneys; judges and clerks of federal, state, and local courts; elected and appointed officials of the federal government or any state; and members of the parole board or pardon advisory board. This mail is verified as to the sending authority and is inspected for contraband but not content in the inmate's presence.


Please do not send inmates stamps as they cannot use them! Inmate's mail is metered (stamped) before being sent out and postage is charged to their accounts. If the inmate is indigent, the inmate will be allowed to send two personal letters per week. The cost of the stamps will be deducted from the inmates account and will be collected when money is deposited into the inmates account.


Packages will not be accepted unless sender receives prior approval from the Jail Administration. Books and magazines will not be accepted. These include those sent by the publisher. Inmates will not be permitted to receive items that portray nudity. If these items are received they will be returned to sender if possible or placed in the inmate's property.


Mail received once an inmate has been released will be returned to the sender.