Booking is a term pertaining to taking custody of those individuals arrested by law enforcement agencies for crimes committed. The booking room is an area comprised of 10 individual cells, two of which are large enough to hold at least ten people at one time. Also included in those cells is a padded cell, this is comprised of rubber walls and ceiling with no furniture. This cell is used to temporarily house suicidal inmates or those whom are physically combative. There is also a staff center present in the center of the room that allows easy viewing of the cells and the open waiting area. The open waiting area is comprised of chairs bolted to the floor along with a television, three phones, and a public bathroom. This area is occupied by those individuals who are cooperative and behavior appropriate. They occupy this area while awaiting bail, to have their photos or finger prints taken, or for waiting to be escorted to a housing unit. The people here are closely monitored by jail personnel.


There are several aspects to the booking process:

  1. Those individuals, who are arrested are brought into the jail through a secure sally port where the arresting officer then escort the person into a secure vestibule where the jail personnel then enter and take custody of the person from the arresting officer. At this point, a jail official will ask the detained medical questions such as whether or not the subject has any allergies, if he or she has any special diets, and whether or not the subject is taking any prescribed medication along with checking to see if the person is intoxicated.
  2. Once all of the medical questions have been answered, the detained individual is then pat searched, their property is gone through and sealed and at that point they are then escorted inside the booking room where he or she is allowed to make phone calls (behavior permitting), and are then booked into the jail.
  3. If the detained subject is unable to make bond, or if no bond is set, they are then showered and changed into jail clothing and moved into general population. If the subject is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they are housed in a cell in booking where they can be closely monitored until he or she is sober.
  4. Once the persons property is all inventoried and sealed, a property sheet listing the contents of the detained belongings is then signed by that individual clarifying that we have in possession all of the belongings that came in with that person. At this point the property is then placed in our secure property room until that person is released from custody.
  5. Mug shots are also taken in the booking room along with finger prints of the individual if needed. Pictures are now done by computer and can be scanned on the booking sheets of those in custody for easy reference. An ID card is also made with a photo of that individual that is worn on the subject's uniform shirt pocket for easy identification amongst jail personnel.


The entire booking process, consisting of booking people into the computer, searching and the inventory of property, the taking of the photos and fingerprints along with preparation for the transfer out of booking to a housing unit which consists of classifying that individual based on their current charges and current or past behavior and cooperation level can take as little as a half an hour up to several hours depending on existing circumstances such as the number of people waiting to get booked in or out of jail, the amount of paper work involved with each case and the behaviors of those in custody.


If there are any questions relating to someone that is incarcerated, a Deputy can be reached at the jail by calling 701-271-2900.