The Cass County Sheriff Reserve program is a volunteer, uniformed Sheriff’s Office support organization open to all persons age 21 and older, on an equal opportunity basis.

Duties Of A Reserve Deputy

Each Reserve Deputy must serve a minimum number of 8 hours each month on assigned duties.

The areas of service include riding with regular patrol deputies, service at the county correctional center, traffic control at various functions in the county, and other enforcement duties.

Reserve personnel are often called upon to assist with stake-outs, to secure crime scenes, to render first aid during natural disasters, and to join search parties. In addition, Reserve Deputies perform snowmobile patrol in the winter as well as water safety in the summer months.

Reserve Deputies are not paid for their work. Members serve with no other compensation than the deep sense of pride one attains from participating in the law enforcement process, and the appreciation from other members of the Sheriff’s Office.

Organizational Structure

The Cass County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputies are supervised by a regular deputy assigned as a liaison officer between the Sheriff’s Office and the Reserve personnel. The Reserve Program is structured in a military-type configuration. A Reserve Commander directs a chain of command consisting of team-leaders, assistant team leaders, and training officer.


Each applicant must satisfactorily complete a course of study accredited by the North Dakota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board. Courses of instruction include criminal and civil law, tactics, first aid, and firearms training. Reserves receive training in the correctional center to become familiar with telephone and radio procedures. At the completion of training, new personnel are subject to a six month probation period.

Uniforms & Equipment

Reserve Deputies wear the same uniform as a regular deputy sheriff, with collar brass and shoulder patches. Uniforms are furnished, as are holsters and leather gear. Like regular deputies, reserve personnel must purchase their individual footwear.


If interested in pursuing a commission as a Sheriff’s Reserve, please fill out an on-line application or stop by the Cass County Courthouse to fill out application with personnel .