In working toward keeping alcoholic beverages out of the hands of underage individuals, local law enforcement agencies conducts monthly alcohol compliance checks with the goal that every licensed liquor establishment is checked for compliance at least on a quarterly basis.

Compliance checks in the Moorhead/Fargo, Clay County/Cass County area are coordinated through the Safe Communities Coalition of the Red River Valley.

During a compliance check an adult minor enters a licensed liquor establishment, under police supervision, and attempts to purchase an alcoholic beverage. Detection of the minor by staff of the licensed liquor establishment is the goal. If requested, the adult minor will produce their own ID which shows their correct age (under 21) and will truthfully answer questions about their age that may be posed to them by staff of the licensed liquor establishment. Failure to detect the minor subjects the staff to criminal penalties and the licensed liquor establishment is also subject to civil penalties under.

                    Safe Communitites