Offenders must register with the agency in which they will reside. If you live in the city limits it will be the local police, Fargo Police Dept or West Fargo Police Dept., if you reside outside the city limits then, it will be with the County Sheriff 's Offices.



At the time of registration you are fingerprinted, photographed, registration information is obtained and signed by the offender. All items are then sent to the Office of the Attorney General, Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) where a statewide registration database is maintained. The agency in which the offender registers keeps a copy of the forms and a photograph.


Period of Registration:

A person is required to register according to North Dakota Century Code 12.1-32-15.  It explains what constitutes the risk level of Low, Moderate, High and years of required registration.


The web Site offered by the Attorney Generals Office is: www.sexoffender.nd.gov A printable list of all offenders registered in North Dakota , regardless of their risk, is also available at this web site as well as the NDCC 12.1-32-15.


The Cass County Sheriff's Office has created a map on the Cass County web site where information on the offenders residing in the county can abe found.  Once the map appears, you will see colored stars located on the map that designate their level and where they reside. Take your mouse and move it on or by the star, when the finger points, click, the photograph, address and description of the conviction will appear.


Unfortunately, the Cass County Sheriff's Office can not be every where 24 hours a day which is why we hope the communities in Cass County step forward and help us by becoming our eyes and ears. If you should see or hear that an offender is living in your area and not on the Offender map please call.


I appreciate your time and if you ever have a question, please call or ask the deputy patrolling your area.



The ND Attorney General provides a public list of registered offenders on their Sex Offender Web Site. This information is updated in real time, all day, every day, as changes and updates are reported by local law enforcement, the Department of Corrections, Parole & Probation and the Courts. The list generates in PDF format and opens in a separate window. You can open, save, and print the PDF file.