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Welcome to Cass County, North Dakota
Subdivision Ordinance

The Cass County Board of Commissioners adopted Cass County Subdivision Ordinance #2006-1 on March 6, 2006.  The Ordinance implements the goals, objectives, and policies of the Cass County Comprehensive Plan pursuant to the authority granted by the Home Rule Charter of Cass County and Chapter 11-09.1 of the North Dakota Century Code. 


Cass County Subdivision Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance  3 mb 


Subdivision Forms

Plat Review Application
Recording a Plat



App 11 Certificate of Accuracy.pdf
App 12 Stormwater Drainage Plat Certification.pdf
App 13 Certificate of Ownership.pdf
App 14 Deed Restriction.pdf
App 19 Memorandum of Understanding.pdf
App 20 Improvement Agreement.pdf
App 27 Declaration of Expiration of Deed Restriction.pdf