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Welcome to Cass County, North Dakota
Rural Addressing

Cass County follows the "Burkle Addressing System" which divides North Dakota into a four quadrant grid.  All north to south section lines are designated avenues, and all east to west section lines are designated streets.  Cass County is in the southeast quadrant of the North Dakota Burkle System, therefore all rural streets and addresses are given the "SE" directional designation after "ST" or "AVE".

House numbers are derived from the location of your driveway along the street or avenue and its distance from the nearest intersecting street or avenue.  Along a street the properties to the north are given odd numbered addresses and the properties to the south are given even numbered addresses.  Along an avenue north of Interstate Highway 94 properties to the west are given an even numbered address and properties to the east are given an odd numbered address.  Along an avenue south of Interstate Highway 94 properties to the west are given an odd numbered address and the properties to the east are given even numbered addresses.

City addressing is not handled directly by the County.  Cities have jurisdiction to address properties within their city limits and typically follow their own addressing scheme.  Contacts for cities in Cass County are located here.

Proper rural addressing is essential to providing quick response in emergency situations.  Emergency responders such as fire, ambulance, and Sheriff are trained to be able to easily locate properties based on this system.  Individual street names are highly discouraged and considered detrimental to the safety of the residents of Cass County.  If you require a new address, if you feel that your property is incorrectly addressed, or if it was assigned by anyone other than the County Planning Office please contact the County Planner immediately.