Please use the following points of contact to direct your questions regarding development in Cass County


Dividing Property for Development


  • Dividing property for purposes of dwelling construction outside the incorporated or extraterritorial jurisdiction of any city in Cass County requires platting and approval of the Cass County Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners.  Review the Subdivision Ordinance Page and contact the County Planner.
  • Contact the City if dividing in incorporated limits or extraterritorial jurisdiction of a city.


Building Permits


  • Prior to building, contact the township or city in which construction will occur.
  • All construction disturbing one or more acres of land is required to file for a free Storm Water General Construction Permit from the North Dakota Department of Health.  Contact the Division of Water Quality at (701) 328-5210 or visit the Stormwater Program website.
  • If you are moving a mobile home, contact Char Burnside at (701) 241-5616 at the Cass County Courthouse.


Electrical Inspections


  • Visit the North Dakota State Electrical Board website for information on electrical inspections or contact the district electrical inspector: Josh Wilson - (701) 400-1549 -


Zoning and Floodplain Administration


  • As you begin planning your site contact the township or city in which development will occur to verify compliance with zoning regulations.
  • To view the existing Flood Insurance Rate Maps visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Map Service Center (MSC).
  • Before any development occurs contact the township, city, or the County Planner to inquire about FEMA floodplain questions.


 Highway Driveway Access


  • When creating a new or modifying an existing access to a County Highway is necessary a permit is required from the Cass County Highway Department.
  • If creating a new or modifying an existing access to a State Highway contact the Fargo ND DOT District Office at 503 38th St S, Fargo, ND 58103-1198 - (701) 239-8915 phone - (701) 239-8915 fax - (701) 328-4156 TTY.
  • If creating a new or modifying an existing access to a township or municipal road contact the township or city.


 Water Sources


  • Visit the NDSU Extension Service Water Quality page for valuable information pertaining to safe drinking water.
  • State Resources are also available and regulations may apply for new or existing water facilities.  Visit the North Dakota Department of Environmental Health website or call the Division of Municipal Facility at (701) 328-5211 or the Division of Water Quality at (701) 328-5210.

Rural Water

  • Cass Rural Water Users District serves a large portion of rural Cass County and many cities in the County: 131 Maple Street, Box 98, Kindred, ND 58051 - (701) 428-3139 phone - (701) 428-3130 fax.

City Municipal Water

  • Contact the appropriate city if your property is within or near city limits to inquire about possible service.


 On-Site Sewage


  • On-site sewage disposal systems are regulated by the County Sanitarian and the Environmental Health Division of Fargo/Cass Public Health.  More information is available here.




  • Drainage concerns may be addressed to the appropriate Water Resource District.  A map to determine which district your property lies is available here .


For additional information or assistance contacting anyone regarding future building please contact the County Planner.