"Moving to the Country" is a common desire for many people when they consider where they want to live, and rural Cass County is no exception.  Because of the role of Cass County to manage growth in its unincorporated areas, the Planning Office works closely with people who desire to live outside the city in rural Cass County.  Although we do not necessarily discourage people to live in the "country" we do want to make sure that they are completely aware of everything that goes along with this lifestyle. 

For example, the seemingly perfect place to settle may be within a short drive of the city, it would have low taxes, lots of trees, and be on a big lot with a spectacular view.  Well, in Cass County some may not be aware that such a property may be in the floodplain and often inundated with flood water, or it is within a growth plan of the City of Fargo and a paving project is programmed right in front of the large lot which will mean very high special assessments and a great deal more traffic, or that the river view is actually too close and the river bank is susceptible to slumping and endangering your new home or out building.  There are a number of issues that one needs to consider before purchasing property in rural Cass County.

These examples and others have occurred and still do occur in rural Cass County.  To reduce the burden to unsuspecting homeowners and the taxpayers of Cass County the Planning Commission works very hard through the power granted by the State of North Dakota in regulating subdivisions.  The Planning Office has compiled some information we feel is prudent to review before you decide to "move to the country".  Following are a few links and documents to review; for further information please contact the Cass County Planning Office.