FloodwayDesign.jpgJurisdictions which choose to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are required to adopt and administer regulations that manage development in the floodplain.  Cass County is a participant along with many other jurisdictions within the County.  County jurisdiction is limited to those areas that are not within a township or municipality that already participate.

Cass County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance authorizes the County Engineer and his designees to grant and deny development permit applications in accordance with its provisions.  Before building, contact the County Planner to inquire about obtaining a development permit.

If the property is within the city limits or extraterritorial boundary limits you should contact that city directly.

City Officials
City Floodplain Administrators

The following townships are participants in the NFIP and should be contacted directly regarding floodplain questions:

Amenia Barnes Berlin Davenport Durbin Empire
Gardner Harwood Mapleton Noble Normanna Pleasant
Raymond Reed Stanley Walburg Warren Wiser

Flood Insurance Rate Maps or FIRMs are typically available from your jurisdiction to review to determine a property's relation to the adopted floodplain.  Contact your jurisdiction or the County Planner for further information.  Your mortgage company will likely inform you if you are required to purchase flood insurance and your insurance agent is trained to provide you with information you need to know about flood insurance coverage. 

If it is determined that you are indeed in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) you will likely be required to obtain an Elevation Certificate in order to build.  The Elevation Certificate is prepared by either a registered engineer, land surveyor, or architect and may be kept on file by the local floodplain administrator.  If you have determined that your property is above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) or above the "100 year floodplain", you may consider requesting FEMA to remove it from the SFHA through a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) or Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). 

It is recommended that you contact your insurance agent for more information on flood insurance regardless of where your property lies in Cass County.  The following links provide additional information about the NFIP, FIRMs, LOMR/LOMA, and Elevation Certificates.

For information on preparing for and coping with flooding in Cass County visit our Flood Risk Reduction Site