The County Highway Department annually schedules next year’s construction projects during the budget process.  Although this process offers a great deal of flexibility in scheduling it can lead to some inefficiency in the planning process.  In an effort to increase efficiency and maintain a high level of transparency the Cass County Comprehensive Highway Plan has been developed.
The Plan acts as a document that more efficiently displays data, serves as a 5 year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), and is revisited annually.  Included in the plan is a discussion of land use, highway safety, maintenance, and construction.  A large amount of data is used for preparing the plan, but rather than displaying this data, maps are used to display what is most pertinent in an effort to make the plan more user-friendly and easier to update.
The Plan was presented in draft form to the Road Advisory Group Committee and to the Cass County Planning Commission. The Cass County Planning Commission made a motion to formally recommend approval of the Cass County Comprehensive Highway Plan to the County Commission.  The Final Draft of the Plan was presented and approved by the full County Commission on September 16, 2013.
The Plan is available on the homepage of the Highway Department.