Each year the Cass County Highway Department engages in construction activity to improve the County Highway System.  These improvements include such projects as constructing new roads, replacing deficient bridges and structures, adding turn lanes or other facility improvements such as bike lanes or multi-use paths, surface rehabilitation or improvements, and many other activities.
County construction projects typically take place during the summer months where County engineering staff provides oversight to all construction projects.  Winter months are typically devoted to planning & design for upcoming projects.  County construction engineers also play an important role in supporting flood related operations.  For questions on County construction projects please contact the Highway Department.


Cass County Highway Department Planned 2015 Highway Construction Projects

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 Construction Project Reports

Prather, Ben8/26/2015 5:01 PM3.0
15-16 Hill Twp-136th Ave SE over tribuatary of Maple River. Structure RemovalPrather, Ben8/26/2015 4:58 PM5.0
10 Durbin Twp - 106 1/2 St over Maple River. Structure ReplacementPrather, Ben8/26/2015 4:55 PM24.0
Cass Highway 3-Ayr to Cass Highway 4, Cass Highway 4 - Cass Highway 3 to Cass Highway 5N and Cass Highway 5- Cass Highway 4 to Cass Highway 32. Milling and Bituminour OverlayWrucke, Andrew8/18/2015 5:09 PM11.0
Cass Highway 10-Casselton to Wheatland. PCC Break & Seat, Bituminous Overlay. Structure ReplacementWrucke, Andrew8/18/2015 5:09 PM33.0
36 Buffalo/31 Wheatland Twp 36 St SE over tributary of Buffalo Creek. Structure ReplacementPrather, Ben8/4/2015 11:32 AM15.0
25-25 Howes Twp-40th St over tributary of Buffalo Creek. Structure ReplacementPrather, Ben7/22/2015 3:25 PM9.0
19-20 Gill Twp-146th Ave SE over tributary of Buffalo Creek. Structure ReplacementPrather, Ben7/22/2015 3:22 PM11.0
Highway 32-State Highway 18 to C11. Subgrade RepairWrucke, Andrew7/21/2015 10:32 AM14.0
Cass Highway 7-Interstate 94 to Cass Highway 6. Milling and Bituminous OverlayWrucke, Andrew7/13/2015 8:00 AM11.0
Cass Highway 1 - Cass Highway 10 to Cass Highway 32. Milling and Bituminous OverlayWrucke, Andrew7/13/2015 7:56 AM7.0
Cass Highway 6-Highway 38 to Highway 5. Grading, Bituminous Surfacing,Bituminour OverlayLitchy, Kyle6/24/2015 10:41 AM11.0
Cass Highway 11-Interstate 94 to Mapleton. Milling and Bituminous OverlayWrucke, Andrew6/23/2015 8:03 AM11.0
35 Casselton Twp-Cass Highway 38 to Cass Highway 5.  Structure ReplacementWrucke, Andrew5/28/2015 1:52 PM9.0
Various Cass County Highways. Bituminous Pavement Crack SealingVanErem, Bettye5/12/2015 1:58 PM8.0
Cass Highway 4-Cass Highway 11 to Cass Highway 81, Cass Highway 15-Interstate 94 to Cass Highway 16, Cass Highway 15 through Kindred. Bituminous Pavement Chip SealingVanErem, Bettye5/12/2015 1:54 PM7.0
1-2 Normanna Twp-Cass Highway 36 over Sheyenne River. Structure ReplacementVanErem, Bettye5/12/2015 1:47 PM12.0
33 Hill/4 Clifton Twp-42nd St SE Over Maple River. Bridge ReplacementVanErem, Bettye5/12/2015 10:27 AM4.0