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Welcome to Cass County, North Dakota
SubDivision Plat Help

1) The index (list) is very similar to an excel file.  The various columns can be sorted by hovering the mouse over the column and clicking the arrow that appears to the right.  There are options to sort the data in ascending/descending order and to apply filters.

2) The index displays pages in blocks of 300.  Use the arrow keys at the top or bottom of the page to scroll through the pages.

3) The list can be accessed through three different views.  The default view (AllItems) shows the data sorted by addition name, the second view (Addition Name) groups the data by Addition Name and the third view (City) groups the data by City name.  To change the view clip in the dropdown next to View in the top right hand corner.

4) In the City view each City can be expanded/collapsed using the +/- icons.

The number in brackets after the city name indicates how many plats are scanned for that City.

5) It is possible to search the index using the search at the top corner of the page.  Change the first dropdown to This Site: Plat Index and type the word you are looking for in the next box.  Click on the magnifier to start the search.

For more detailed searching the Advanced Search can also be used:

6) All plats recorded prior to 1900 have a generic date of 1/1/1900.  The actual date can be found in the notes column.  This is due to software limitations fro handling dates earlier than 1900.

7) The index contains the following columns:

The addition name recorded on the plat.

The description recorded on the plat - generally that portion in brackets after the addition name.

The city the plat is located in; a blank entry indicates that the plat is located in rural Cass County.

This contains an 8-digit number that describes the Township, Range Section and Quarter that the plat is located in.  The quarters are numbered starting at the NE corner with 1, in a clockwise rotation.  Those indicated with a 0 are in more than one quarter section.  For example 13949021 is located in the NE quarter of section 2 in Barnes Township.

The month, day & year the plat was recorded (MM-DD-YYYY).

Indicates the type of plat: A=Annexed, V=Vacation, D=Dedication.

Click on this hyperlink to open the appropriate plat.  The document will open as a PDF that can be saved to your local computer or printed as needed.  Use the back button on your internet browser to return to the index.

To start using the subdivision plat index now click here.

Please help us to improve our data.  If you find any errors or omissions please complete this form.