To download a PDF map of the elementary school district boundary click on the Download Map link in the table below.
To view these maps you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software, which can be downloaded at:


 Elementary Schools

BennettFargoDownload map11 x 17102711/17/2015
CentennialFargoDownload map11 x 1789511/17/2015
Clara BartonFargoDownload map11 x 1761811/17/2015
Horace MannFargoDownload map11 x 171,13911/17/2015
JeffersonFargoDownload map11 x 1754611/17/2015
KennedyFargoDownload map11 x 171,27611/17/2015
Lewis & ClarkFargoDownload map11 x 1768611/17/2015
LincolnFargoDownload map11 x 1779411/17/2015
LongfellowFargoDownload map11 x 1788611/17/2015
MadisonFargoDownload map11 x 1753811/17/2015
McKinleyFargoDownload map11 x 1758611/17/2015
RooseveltFargoDownload map11 x 171,22911/17/2015
WashingtonFargoDownload map11 x 1792211/17/2015
AuroraWest FargoDownload map11 x 1774411/17/2015
EastwoodWest FargoDownload map11 x 172,85311/17/2015
FreedomWest FargoDownload map11 x 171,93811/17/2015
HoraceWest FargoDownload map11 x 1759011/17/2015
LE BergerWest FargoDownload map11 x 171,61611/17/2015
SouthWest FargoDownload map11 x 1774811/17/2015
WestsideWest FargoDownload map11 x 172,53911/17/2015
HarwoodWest FargoDownload map11 x 1774211/17/2015
EdClappFargoDownload Map11 x 1756211/17/2015
IndependenceWest FargoDonwload Map11 x 1751111/17/2015
LegacyWest FargoDownload Map11x1752311/17/2015
RoosevletHoraceMannFargoDownload Map11 x 1765711/17/2015