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Welcome to Cass County, North Dakota
Interactive Flood Risk Reduction Manual

Click in the hyperlinks on the right of this page to access the different sections of this manual.

The application, which is being served from a web server, is accessed through a web browser.   This manual will walk through the various tools and tasks that can be accomplished using the Interactive Flood Risk Reduction Site.

1) Accessing the Interactive Flood Risk Reduction Application

The WebFusion Internet application is accessed through the Internet browser on your computer.  Not all computers will use the same browser, although most will have Microsoft Internet Explorer as the default Internet browser.

*Internet Explorer 6.0 + is needed to run this application 
*For best viewing experience a minimum screen resolution size of 1281 x 768 is recommended.

Double click the Internet browser icon on your computer desktop.

Type in the following URL in the Address box of the application