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Welcome to Cass County, North Dakota
Sandbag Information

  Click the Sandbag Calc button to display the Sandbag Information dialog box.  This will also become visible when a parcel is selected.  This dialog gives you the ability to either manually enter dimensions or draw a line representing your potential dike and to calculate number of sandbags and cubic yards of sand required.  The calculations used in this formula are those provided by NDSU Extension Service.  Click here for further information.

   The dialog contains 3 tabs which are explained in more detail below:
  • Sandbag Calculations
  • Historic Calculations
  • Contact Info
Sandbag Calculations


   To draw a potential sandbag dike:

  • Select the parcel either through the address search or by clicking on it.
  • Click the Draw button.
  • Click once on the map to start the line and click once at every point you want to make a change in direction.  To finish the line double-click.
  • The line will be shown in blue on the map and the Length will be populated in the dialog box.
  • Enter a value in the Height box.  The number of sandbags & volume of sand will be automatically populated.
  • To view a footprint of the dike at 2x or 3x wide click on the appropriate line.
  • Click Reset to clear the values.

  • Historic Calculations

    Once you have completed your calculations you have the ability to save the calculation for future reference. 

    • Click on the Save Calc button in the Sandbag Calculations dialog.
    • In the Enter Calculation Description box enter a brief description that is unique to you and click OK.
    • The Calculation Saved dialog will pop up - click OK to close.
    • The following information will be shown in the Historic Calculations tab: Description, Date, Sandbags 2W, Sandbags 3W, Cubic yards 2W and Cubic yards 3W.

    Contact Information

    This tab contains contact information for sandbag and technical assistance questions.