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Welcome to Cass County, North Dakota
Elevation & Flood Stages

When an address is selected and a parcel is highlighted on the map additional information will be displayed in the Critical Elevation Information window about the estimated flood stage levels for river flooding.  If your property and/or structure are not affected by a 18 to 42 foot flood stage, data will not be available (N/A).  For information on properties within city limits, please contact the individual cities for further information on flood risk.

Flood Stages

Flood stage information is available for portions of the Red River Watershed and a portion of the Sheyenne River Watershed.

To display the Flood Stage Menu Bar click on the appropriate button:


The map display may be adjusted by moving the arrow on the Flood Stage Menu Bar.

To slide the arrow on the Flood Stage Menu Bar:

  • Click on the arrow and hold it as you move it.
  • As you slide the arrow from Low to High, you will see the Flood Stage Level change on the map.


 Red River: Flood Stage 29.0 feet Sheyenne River : Flood Stage 890.5 feet

Note: Flood stages for Sheyenne River and Red River exist only for areas that have been modeled and are not “all-encompassing” of the flood threat to your property.  The information provided is intended only as a component to your personal flood planning procedures and may not accurately represent actual conditions.  Further, these maps are not to be used for determining Flood Insurance ratings.


  Click the Contours button to display 1ft elevation contours for the metro area.  The contour line and elevation (feet will be displayed) as shown below.  To remove the contours click the button again.  Please note the contours are not available in all locations.