The 2013 Legislative Assembly has provided some additional property tax savings to property owners in the State of North Dakota.  This property tax savings is provided on top of the savings that has been provided the two previous legislative sessions.  This property tax savings comes in two forms; one is additional funding for school districts, the other is a 12% credit on your 2013 property tax.
The percentage of property tax savings from your 2012 property taxes varies based on the city, township, school district, and fire district your property is located within, as well as any changes in the valuation of properties, and changes in mill levies of the various entities.  As an estimate, if you live in the City of Fargo or the City of West Fargo and there are no changes in your valuation or in the underlying mill levies, you can expect about a 23% decrease in the property tax portion of your property tax statement.  This does not include any billings that you have for special assessments.
Another way of estimating your 2013 property taxes is to figure 1.35% of your residential true and full value as shown on your city website, or 1.50% of your commercial true and full value.
In addition, the 2013 Legislative Assembly has provided additional relief in both the Homestead Credit Program and the Disabled Veteran’s programs.
Updated Property Tax Caluculator