1.            Why was this project authorized?
The previous real estate records contained very little documentation in support of current values.  Therefore, this project was conducted to create individual property information, create equity in property value as directed by state law, and computerize all information to better serve the public.

2.            When was the last time a project like this was conducted in the city?
In the history of Kindred, a complete cataloging of real estate lot dimensions, building components, construction types, building depreciation and perimeter measurements of all classes at one time has never been conducted before this project.

3.            Why couldn’t our own assessor do this project?
The assessor did not have the resources (such as experienced assistance, extra time, mass appraisal supplies) to complete the project in a timetable that would create and maintain valuation equity.  Also by hiring Vanguard, the county saved the expense of supplies, mileage, vacation and sick pay, and health benefits.  Also the county saved the time and expense of hiring and training new employees and paying unemployment benefits.

4.            What were the qualifications of the people who did the project?
Our research revealed that Vanguard Appraisals, Inc. had successfully completed many other revaluation projects in the state; they specialize in assisting communities in conducting revaluation; they have been in business since 1968; they incorporate computerization in their projects; and they could complete the project in a timely manner.

5.            Why didn’t we hire a local firm?
No other firm had the qualifications of Vanguard Appraisals, Inc.  Vanguard was best qualified for our project.

6.            What does Vanguard know about values in Cass County?
Vanguard has 42 years of revaluation experience.  This background includes the technique of analyzing local sales to reflect local values.  The project will include a complete market study of Kindred sales.

7.            What was Vanguard suppose to do?
Vanguard was to visit each property, inspect each property, interior if possible, collect all construction data and cost data, measure all structures, analyze all sales information, establish full value for each property, take property photos, create individual property records, computerize all information, to arrive at market value.

8.            What establishes the value of my property?
According to state guidelines, your property valuation can be established by comparing sales of similar property, by replacement cost less depreciation, or by rental income less expense.  In addition the condition, age, size, location, remodeling, repairs needed, property amenities, lot size, and location area are a few of the items that affect the value of your property.

9.            Why do they have to go inside my property?
Our records contained very little property information to document the valuation.  The only way to insure the correct information and therefore the correct valuation is to collect all the property data, interior and exterior.

10.        What happens if I wasn’t home when they came to my place?
If after 3 visits, the data collectors did not find you at home, they would measure the structures on the exterior and estimate the interior information based on other similar properties they did fully inspect.

11.        What happens if I did not allow them inside my property?
Vanguard was under contract to place full and true values on all property.  If they were not allowed to gather the proper information from the owner or tenant, they would have to estimate the property information.

12.        What will this valuation do to my taxes?
Any calculation of property value, past or present, is separate from a calculation on the taxes.  The assessor values property only and can not determine individual taxes.  The three components to paying the cost of benefits (such as water, sewer, roads, schools, police, etc.) are:  property valuation, School, city and county operating budget, and the mill levy.  Any one of these components could be adjusted and reflect a decrease, increase, or no change in property taxes.  It is not possible at this time to establish the individual tax responsibility.

13.        If I feel my property value is out of line, what can I do?
All property owners will receive a valuation notice at the completion of the project.  If you feel the value does not accurately represent your property’s full and true value, according to state guidelines then you will have an opportunity to have an interview with an appraiser.  At this interview you should be prepared to state your opinion of full and true value and have documentation to support your opinion.

14.        What if I’m still aggrieved?

You may then appeal to the City, County, and State Boards of Equalization.

15.        Who May I contact with additional questions regarding the reappraisal?

You may contact Frank Klein, Kindred City Assessor and Cass County Director of  Equalization at email, mail at PO Box 2806, Fargo, ND  58108, or phone at 701-241-5617.

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