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collapse Section : 1-Introduction ‎(4)
I-1.pdfI-1Mission Statement2/1/201693 KB
I-2.pdfI-2Code of Ethics2/1/2016109 KB
I-3.pdfI-3Organizational Chart2/1/2016107 KB
I-4.pdfI-4Commissioner Portfolios12/5/201687 KB
collapse Section : 2-Employment ‎(10)
101.pdf101Nature of Employment2/1/201696 KB
102.pdf102Employee Relations and Fair Treatment Policy4/18/2016162 KB
103.pdf103Equal Employment Opportunity2/1/201674 KB
104.pdf104Personal Relationships in the Workplace2/1/201668 KB
105.pdf105Employee Medical Examinations2/1/201690 KB
106.pdf106Immigration Law Compliance2/1/201671 KB
107.pdf107Conflicts of Interest2/1/201690 KB
108.pdf108Whistleblower Protections2/1/201695 KB
109.pdf109Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure2/1/201673 KB
110.pdf110Job Posting2/1/201699 KB
collapse Section : 3-Employment Status and Records ‎(8)
201.pdf201Employment Categories2/1/201679 KB
202.pdf202Access to Personnel Files2/1/201673 KB
203.pdf203Background Checks2/1/2016111 KB
204.pdf204Personnel Data Changes2/1/201665 KB
205.pdf205Employment Applications2/1/201666 KB
206.pdf206Performance Evaluation2/1/201671 KB
207.pdf207Status Date2/1/201673 KB
208.pdf208Demotions2/1/201670 KB
collapse Section : 4-Employee Benefit Programs ‎(14)
301.pdf301Employee Benefits2/1/201690 KB
302.pdf302Acting Pay2/1/201668 KB
303.pdf303Holidays2/1/2016119 KB
304.pdf304Workers' Compensation Insurance2/1/201697 KB
305.pdf305Funeral Leave2/1/2016108 KB
306.pdf306Jury Duty2/1/201675 KB
307.pdf307Witness Duty2/1/201669 KB
308.pdf308Benefits Continuation (COBRA)2/1/201671 KB
309.pdf309License Fees2/1/201683 KB
310.pdf310Annual Leave9/6/2016106 KB
311.pdf311Leave Donation11/7/201676 KB
312.pdf312Sick Leave2/1/201681 KB
313.pdf313Retirement2/1/201689 KB
314.pdf314Deferred Compensation2/1/201686 KB
collapse Section : 5-Time Keeping and Payroll ‎(5)
401.pdf401Timekeeping2/1/201670 KB
402.pdf402Paydays2/1/201670 KB
403.pdf403Administrative Pay Corrections2/1/201667 KB
404.pdf404Deductions from Pay2/1/201674 KB
405.pdf405Wage and Salary Administration7/5/2016150 KB
collapse Section : 6-Work Conditions and Hours ‎(16)
501.pdf501Safety2/1/201697 KB
502.pdf502Work Schedules & On Call9/19/2016110 KB
503.pdf503Emergency Closings2/1/2016101 KB
504.pdf504Phones & Electronic Devices7/5/201698 KB
505.pdf505Smoking2/1/201670 KB
506.pdf506Rest & Meal Periods2/1/201671 KB
507.pdf507Breaks for Nursing Mothers1/17/201771 KB
508.pdf508Overtime & Compensatory Time2/1/2016105 KB
509.pdf509Use of Vehicles & Equipment2/1/201679 KB
510.pdf510Lobbying2/1/201668 KB
511.pdf511Business Travel Expenses12/19/201697 KB
512.pdf512Visitors in the Workplace2/1/201673 KB
513.pdf513Electronic Communication Devices & Services12/19/2016131 KB
514.pdf514Social Networking Websites & Online Communications2/1/2016126 KB
515.pdf515Workplace Monitoring2/1/201675 KB
516.pdf516Working from Home2/1/201675 KB
collapse Section : 7-Leave of Absence ‎(4)
601.pdf601Family and Medical Leave2/1/2016137 KB
602.pdf602Pregnancy-Related Conditions2/1/201669 KB
603.pdf603Unpaid Personal Leave2/1/201676 KB
604.pdf604Military Leave2/1/201681 KB
collapse Section : 8-Employee Conduct and Disciplinary Action ‎(13)
701.pdf701Employee Conduct and Work Rules2/1/201696 KB
702.pdf702Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace2/1/201675 KB
703.pdf703Drug & Alcohol Testing2/1/201673 KB
704.pdf704Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment2/1/2016132 KB
705.pdf705Personal Appearance2/1/201670 KB
706.pdf706Return of Property & ID Badges2/1/201690 KB
707.pdf707Personal Property in the Workplace2/1/201669 KB
708.pdf708Weapons2/1/201673 KB
709.pdf709Security Inspections2/1/201669 KB
710.pdf710Solicitation & Bulletin Boards2/1/2016111 KB
711.pdf711Progressive Discipline7/5/201675 KB
712.pdf712Employment Resignation & Termination2/1/201696 KB
713.pdf713Health Insurance Portability & Accessibility Act2/1/2016142 KB