collapse Section : 1-General ‎(5)
1.00.pdf1.00Cass County Mission Statement
1.11.pdf1.11Code of Ethics For Cass County
1.12.pdf1.12County Work Product Defined
1.20.pdf1.20Organizational Chart
1.30 .pdf1.30 Commissioner Portfolios
collapse Section : 2-Responsibilities ‎(15)
2.00.pdf2.00Personal Property And Valuables
2.10.pdf2.10Solicitation And Distribution
2.20.pdf2.20Personal Conduct and Appearance
2.21.pdf2.21Workplace Substance Abuse Policy
2.31.pdf2.31Emergency Procedures
2.32.pdf2.32Security Procedures
2.40.pdf2.40Accidents and Injuries
2.41.pdf2.41Smoking Policy
2.60.pdf2.60Fleet Vehicle Policy
2.61.pdf2.61Driving Review Board Policy
2.62.pdf2.62Required Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing of Employees in Safety-Sensitive Positions (C.L.)
2.80.pdf2.80Weapon Policy
2.90.pdf2.90Lost Keys/Identification Badges
collapse Section : 3-Privileges ‎(2)
3.00.pdf3.00Bulletin Boards
3.50.pdf3.50Intranet Bulletin Board Policy
collapse Section : 4-Employment ‎(9)
4.00.pdf4.00Record of Employment
4.10.pdf4.10Employment Categories
4.20.pdf4.20Recruiting Screening and Hiring
4.21.pdf4.21Job Posting/Transfer/Promotion
4.31.pdf4.31Termination or Discipline
4.40.pdf4.40Sexual or Other Unlawful Harassment
4.50.pdf4.50Fair Treatment Policy
4.60.pdf4.60Reduction In Force Policy
collapse Section : 6-Benefits ‎(10)
6.00.pdf6.00Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Funeral Leave, and Holidays Policy
6.01.pdf6.01Military Leave Policy
6.02.pdf6.026.02 Family Medical Leave Act
6.03.pdf6.03Americans With Disabilities Act ("ADA")
6.04.pdf6.04Health Insurance Portability & Accessibility Act (HIPAA)
6.21.pdf6.21Deferred Compensation
6.30.pdf6.30Travel And Reimbursement
6.40.pdf6.40License Fees
collapse Section : 7-Wage and Salary ‎(12)
7.00.pdf7.00Wage and Salary Administration
7.01.pdf7.01Status Date (Defined)
7.10.pdf7.10Performance Review (Appraisals)
7.20.pdf7.20Acting Pay
7.30.pdf7.30Payment of Salaries/Wages
7.31.pdf7.31Payroll Deductions
7.40.pdf7.40Hours of Work and Overtime/Compensatory Time
7.41.pdf7.41Salary Pay for Exempt Employees
7.50.pdf7.50On-Call Pay
7.60.pdf7.60Inclement Weather/Emergency Closings
7.70.pdf7.70Leave of Absence
7.71.pdf7.71Jury and Witness Leave Policy
collapse Section : 8-Information Technology ‎(3)
8.00.pdf8.00Appropriate Use of Electronic Communication Devices and Services
8.10.pdf8.10Appropriate Use of Personal Mobile Devices in the Workplace
8.20.pdf8.20Network Security Policy / Cyber Security Awareness