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Welcome to Cass County, North Dakota
Absinth wormwood

Absinth wormwood is a perennial fragrant forb or herb.  It commonly grows 3 to 5 feet tall. It is woody at the base and regrows form the soil level each spring from a large taproot.  Leave are light to olive green.  Leaves and stems are covered with fine, silky hairs that give the plant a grayish appearance.  The plant is most often found on dry soils, in overgrazed pastureland rangeland, wastelands and roadsides. 

Absinth wormwood can reduce forage production severely in pasture and rangeland is especially troublesome when land is overgrazed.  Allergy sufferers should avoid waking through absinth wormwood infestations when the plant is flowering.

Control on non-crop lands:  A variety of auxin-type herbicides are very effective in controlling Absinth wormwood.  Curtail, Milestone, Forefront, and Tordon are approved for partial reimbursement of costs through the Landowner Assistance Program.  Herbicides should be applied when plants are about 12 inches tall and actively growing.  Fall spraying is effective if plants are mowed in early to midsummer to promote regrowth. 

Livestock generally will not graze wormwood.  Mowing and cultivation do not control this weed.  There are no biological control agents or pathogens available.