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Welcome to Cass County, North Dakota
Lythrum Exchange

Lythrum (Purple loosestrife) has been planted as an ornamental plant for many years and is still in many flower beds.   Lythrum is on the state noxious weed list as it can establish itself in streams, ditches and wetlands.  Wild Lythrum can vigorously displace native vegetation which disrupts native waterfowl and other native wildlife.    Lythrum planted in home gardens can produce seed from wild Purple loosestrife.  The seeds flow with storm water to various wetlands and in the muddy bottom germinates and establishes itself.  Eventually over time the native cattails are displaced forcing waterfowl to other areas for food sources. 

To assist homeowners in replacing the Lythrum in their ornamental gardens, Cass County Weed Control is offering cash reimbursements to go toward purchasing replacement plants.  Home owners can receive $10.00 per Lythrum plant removed and turned in.  Home owners need to contact the Weed Control Office to verify the number of Lythrum plants and provide pickup of the removed Lythrum plants for proper disposal.  This offer is available for all county residents with the exception of City of Fargo residents; the City of Fargo has its own independent weed control program. 

For more information or to apply for the reimbursement program, contact the Weed Control Office.