Governing Board

Board of County Commissioners: The county is governed by a board of five members elected for four year terms. Each commissioner represents a population district of the county. The commissioners make policies regulating the functions of the many departments and see that these are carried out. Responsibilities of the board are: levy taxes, appropriations, authorize bonds, set salaries, approve bills, accept bids, and approve the annual county budget, just to mention a few. This board meets the first and third Mondays of each month at 3:30 PM. All county meetings are open to the public. Approximately 375 employees are engaged in the operation of the government of Cass County. The social service department is also under the state merit system for operations and services.

Elected Officials

Auditor: The auditor serves as the county's chief financial officer and custodian of certain court records and documents. The major office functions are county accounting, county property tax administration, election administration, and preparation of the annual county budget.

Recorder: This office is responsible for filing and recording documents that pertain to personal and real property. The office is also required to maintain a permanent record of these documents which can include but is not limited to deeds, mortgages, leases, easements, plats, crop liens, State and Federal tax liens, medical certificates, and a variety of other miscellaneous instruments. All of these records are open to the public.

Sheriff: Office functions are separated into field services, staff services and corrections. The office provides law enforcement services to Cass County, including patrolling of county roads, investigating crimes in the county, maintaining the county jail, juvenile detention center, and criminals therein, serving official papers of the courts, and responding to county emergencies. Construction of a state of the art $18 million jail was completed in the summer of 2002.

State's Attorney: This office represents the county in civil litigation and prosecutes offenders of state laws. This office also provides legal advice and opinions to county, township, and school officials and also to various county boards.

Treasurer: The treasurer has custody of all county funds, collects taxes and disburses funds, invests county funds, reconciles bank statements and mails out real estate statements. The treasurer also serves as custodian of certain county school district funds and performs marriages.

Appointed Officials

Cass County Administrator: A full-time administrator assists the part-time, elected board of commissioners in the implementation of their strategic plan and in day-to-day activities. The administrator also supervises personnel and buildings and grounds maintenance.

Cass County Extension Agent: This is the county office of the NDSU Extension Service. The program's mission is to improve the quality of life through education and service.

Director of Tax Equalization: This office has a director and a deputy clerk who supervise, instruct, and assist city and township assessors with fair market values for all agricultural, commercial, and residential property of the county. They levy and collect taxes on all mobile homes in cities and rural areas of Cass County.

Highway Engineer: This office has the responsibility for the construction and maintenance of county roads and bridges. The county levies taxes for road and bridge construction. All public roads not part of the federal, state or county system are maintained by individual townships. Administration, finance, and road improvements are the major program areas of this department. In addition, the county engineer supervises vector control, as well as county planning services.

Information Technology Director: The office provides all computer related services to county employees. The "voice mail" phone service for county offices is also run through this office.

Social Services Director: The staff includes social workers, eligibility specialists, administrators, homemakers, and support staff. The department has been designated by law to provide poor relief and related services to the citizens of Cass County. The two major program areas are social services and economic assistance. The agency is directly responsible to the Cass County Social Services Board comprised of all five county commissioners and two non-voting citizen advisory members.

Veterans Service Officer: This department works with veterans and families of veterans within local, state and federal laws. The office provides assistance with pensions, military records, VA benefits, proof of service, burial and death payments. The office not only provides services to veterans, but also widows, orphans, and dependents of veterans.

Weed Control Officer: The weed control board appoints this position, whose purpose is to provide leadership and education in long-term control of noxious weeds.

State Offices

Clerk of District Court: This office is the official record keeper for the court system, maintaining non-judicial records, collecting child support payments, recording birth and death certificates, probate/guardianships/traffic citations, criminal cases, civil/small claims/mental health, and summoning people for jury selection.

Southeast Regional Child Support Enforcement Unit: This office establishes paternity, locates absent parents and establishes, enforces, and reviews child support orders. All services are automatically provided to families who receive Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). Identical services are also provided for non-AFDC families upon request.