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Welcome to Cass County, North Dakota
Flood Information for Cass County Residents

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Cass County Flood Hotline: 701-297-6000

These pages are intended to assist the public as it prepares for and attempts to mitigate the natural disaster of flooding. Flooding in the Red River Valley is a common occurrence and it is imperative that the public be aware of the risk and be prepared to deal with it when it occurs.  The following links provide information on the most commonly asked questions relating to flooding in Cass County and will help to provide you with the tools you need to adequately prepare for this potential hazard.

 Property Elevations and Floodplain Administration

River Stage and Flood Forecasts

Preparing For and Coping With Flooding

Flood Related Agencies Contact Information

Flood Insurance

Your mortgage company will likely inform you if you are required to purchase flood insurance and your insurance agent is
trained in providing you with the information you need to know about flood insurance coverage.  It is recommended that
you contact your insurance agent for more information on flood insurance regardless of where your property lies in Cass
County.  Flood maps are available from your local flood plain administrator and can also be viewed on the second link
below for "Flood Insurance Rate Maps".