Welcome to the New Cass County Website!

  • Welcome to the new Cass County Website

    We are working on migrating features from the old site. Please Let Us Know What You Think!

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  • Upcoming Road Closure: Hwy 81 North Of Oxbow

    Cass Highway 81 is scheduled to close August - October 2017. Expect Detours.

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  • County Highway 17 is Closed

    The Closure Effects Motorist Travelling South of Horace. Click Here For More Information and Detours.

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  • Cass County Comprehensive Plan

    The Comprehensive Plan can be considered the blueprint or framework for development in the County. The policies that are created in the process of writing a comprehensive plan shape the growth of the County. The primary goal of the Comprehensive Plan is to identify current and emerging issues faced by the County and address these issues by developing goals, objectives, and policies to deal with these issues

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